The fun of eating at dancing crab is they are going to pour the food on the table and you going to eat like “barbarian”.

There are 3 sauces for you to choose from all branch.

  • The dancing crab signature ( with different level of hotness)
  • Beurre Blanc
  • Zesty Garlic Butter

However, at each individual branch, they also have their own unique sauce. For example

  •  Spicy Miso Butter ( At Orchard only)
  • Squid Ink Garlic Butter ( At Vivo only)
  • Beurre Rouge ( At The Grandstand only )

Each Dancing Crab combo bag contains corns, sausages, lots of carrot, mussels, prawn and just 1 crab so it will be just nice for max 2 person. (Price ~$88 excluding tax)

For 1st timer, i will recommend the signature sauce (mild).

If you want something non-spicy but tasty, try Beurre Blanc sauce. Some actually prefer this over the signature sauce.

This is the extra 500g Alaska crab with Beurre Blanc sauce as we want to try more sauce. (Price ~$65 excluding tax)


There is also a lobster combo bag with Zesty Garlic Butter sauce. (Price ~$121 excluding tax)

As the sauce is thick and oily, the waitress suggest us not to pour it on the table and eat from the bowl directly.


Overall, i like their Signature sauce and the Beurre Blanc. I will want to leave Zesty Garlic Butter alone as i find it too oily to digest.