February 2016

Travelling to Hong Kong

Some Guidelines for myself before travel to Hong Kong.

  • Bring enough cash. Local tea house (茶餐廳) accept cash payment only. Reloading octopus card (see below) also require cash.
  • The exchange rate in Hong Kong is quite bad. *Dated 2016 Feb 27-28th
    • The exchange rate for HKD in Singapore was 1SGD = 5.405 – 5.5HKD.
    • The exchange rate for HKD in Hong Kong, was 1SGD = 5.20 -5.27 HKD.
    • Due to bad exchange rate, choose to pay HKD instead of local currency when paying with credit card.
  • Collect Hong Kong free map at the airport. It provides instruction on how to get to some tourist attractions.
  • Buy “Octopus card” at the MTR service counter right in front of the Airport Express.
    • The card cost 150HKD which 100HKD is the store value for use. 50HKD is refundable but there will be a charge of  10HKD for refund within 90 days of its issue date. There is no expiry date on the card.
    • The fare from Airport Express to Hong Kong MTR is 100HKD which require to top up immediately again.




  • Check with hotel before buying a local simcard. Some hotel provide free rental cellphone with unlimited data plan. Eg. Hotel Pravo Hong Kong.






Fast Pace of Hong Kong

Fast pace of city life. (Photo taken in the MTRs)

The (Victoria) Peak Tower

White Beard Fish N Chips

I come across this shop at the Central Pier when i am about to take the Ferry back to Kowloon. So i decide to give it a shot.

Out of my surprise, the fish and chips taste so well with the vinegar and salt (but i will wish he will add a bit more vinegar for me :P). The fries is good as well. If i crave for fish and chip again while in hong kong, i will definitely visit this stall again.


Location :




Some photos taken in the alley on hong kong island

Madame Tussauds – Hong Kong

Madame Tussauds – Hong Kong.

One thing that most people did is to take photo with wax figures and sometimes you will just need to wait for your turn.

Everything was just fine till a group of tourists appeared. They are noisy and loud. They just push their way through the crowd, pushing everyone by force with their gigantic big fat body and cut queue ignoring those waiting for their chance.

After they took their shot, they even shout across the room and call their  relatives or friends to join them.

Of course, there are also extremely nice and polite visitors to the museum 🙂

(i am not referring to me :P)

Anyway, below are some photos taken from the museum.


Location : The Peak



They sell different kind of frozen fruit ice stick, dragronfruit, passion fruit etc

Buy ‘TWO’ if you are queuing for the tram. 🙂

How to get there.

  • Go to The Peak. The stall is right beside the Mak’s Noodle restaurant in the mall.

Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家)

Mak’s Noodle (麥奀雲吞麵世家)

One of the best place for the wonton noodle in Hong Kong.

Order the wonton (small round dumpling) and suey gow (water dumpling) noodle so you get to taste both as they are equally good.

Dip the noodle into the soup for a while if you find it too ‘hard’ at first. The soup is tasty but remember to wipe the thin layer of ‘oil’ off your lips after you finish it. 😛

How to get there.

  • Take MTR to Central station.
  • Take Exit D2 and walk along D’Aguilar Street
  • then turn right on wellington street and walk all the way towards the end

Australia Diary Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

Australia Diary Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

They are famous for their legendary scramble egg toast and puddings.

The scramble egg just ‘melt’ into your mouth and you can just finish it in no time and wanted more of it.

The steam egg white with milk pudding has very soft , smooth texture. Same for the steam almond with egg pudding. Each has it own unique taste but be careful, they are HOT!

One thing i dislike most is that ambiance. It was overcrowded and the pace is so fast that you don’t have the luxury to just relax and take your own sweet time to eat.

There is always a long queue outside this ‘company’ during the weekend. Although they try to clear the queue fast but still be prepare to wait for 20-40 min. You will also likely going to share table with strangers.  If you are alone, let them know, sometimes they will let you cut the queue and squeeze you into the empty seats.

How to get there.

  •  Take MTR to Jordan station
  • Take Exit C2 and Walk along Bowring Street.
  • You will notice a queue there and that is where you likely going to queue. 😀


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