Some Guidelines for myself before travel to Hong Kong.

  • Bring enough cash. Local tea house (茶餐廳) accept cash payment only. Reloading octopus card (see below) also require cash.
  • The exchange rate in Hong Kong is quite bad. *Dated 2016 Feb 27-28th
    • The exchange rate for HKD in Singapore was 1SGD = 5.405 – 5.5HKD.
    • The exchange rate for HKD in Hong Kong, was 1SGD = 5.20 -5.27 HKD.
    • Due to bad exchange rate, choose to pay HKD instead of local currency when paying with credit card.
  • Collect Hong Kong free map at the airport. It provides instruction on how to get to some tourist attractions.
  • Buy “Octopus card” at the MTR service counter right in front of the Airport Express.
    • The card cost 150HKD which 100HKD is the store value for use. 50HKD is refundable but there will be a charge of  10HKD for refund within 90 days of its issue date. There is no expiry date on the card.
    • The fare from Airport Express to Hong Kong MTR is 100HKD which require to top up immediately again.




  • Check with hotel before buying a local simcard. Some hotel provide free rental cellphone with unlimited data plan. Eg. Hotel Pravo Hong Kong.