My Horrible painting

Terrible + horrible but still my own work πŸ˜€


My First Oil Painting

This is my 1st Black & White Oil Painting. :D. Still long way to go though…


Make Your Own Personnel Camera Insert

I like my sling bag but i got hard time to find an camera bag insert that can fit into it.

So only choice i can think of is to make my own camera bag insert.

Material i use is Polyurethane Foam Sheet (5mm thick) and also Canvas cloth.

My insert i don’t want cover so it will be easierΒ  for me to take things out from my bag when in need. I just want something in my bag to protect the lens and camera.

Step 1.Β  i cut the foam up to the size i want. I want a rectangle box so i will have 3 long (one for bottom) and 2 short by the side.

Step 2. i draw them on the canvas and then start sew them up like below. (don’t paste the foam yet. The foam is put on the canvas for illustration purpose)

Create 2 sets and let name one as “inner” and the other as “outer”.


Step 3. Take the “inner”, connect the both side up and form a hollow box then take another canvas cloth and sew them up like below.


Step 4. For the outer, just connect the side up and form the hollow box. So you shall have “2 boxes” like below.


Step 5. Now turn the “outer” inside out. (Do not need to do for the inner.)


Step 6. Put the outer inside inner and sew them up on the red line.


Step 7. Now paste the foam



Step 8. Turn the outer from inside outward so it cover the foam.


Step 9. Now, take another piece of canvas and hand sew an invisible stitch on the bottom.

That’s it. You have your insert. πŸ˜€


I create 2 box so in case i need to bring both lenses and camera out. i can have one for lens and the other for my camera.



I learn how to do the box from this youtube.

I learn how to hand sew invisible stitch from this youtube

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