Light Trails at Suntec

Took me an hour to get this shot with many fail shots in between but still i am not satisfied with the result. However, this is currently the best i can do now 😦



Light Trails at City Hall

My new spot to practice light trails. 😀

Along Esplanade

The Bicycle Man

The Bicycle Man is here again!

Nightview From Esplanade

Night View from Esplanade. This is also a common place for tourist to have a view of Marina Bay Sand and watch the “Wonder Full” Light Show of Marina Bay Sand.

Also a common place (but can be boring place) to practice night shooting 😛

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Different views of Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

Boat Quay (Take Two)

Boat Quay

Night Shooting At Boat Quay. Without Tripod 😀

Wonder Full of Marina Bay Sand

I was practicing my night shooting at Esplanade and happen to catch the WONDER FULL (Light & Water show) of Marina Bay Sand at 8pm..

Here you go..


PS : saw the “tiny” water / fire at the lower right of the photo? :P.

Location: Esplanade / Marina Bay Sand ( Singapore )

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