May 2016

Macau Express @ The Central Clarke Quay

I don’t know how i end up at the basement but i am hungry and kind of miss hong kong food so i decide to try this stall. 😀

I ordered the Macau Pork Chop Baked Rice (Tomato) and add on the Macau Fried Chicken Wing ($1.80) and with the Macau Milk Tea.

The Baked Rice is not so bad. The fried chicken wing is crispy but lack a bit of taste.

I never drink a real Macau Milk Tea before but i thought there will not be sweetness like the hong kong milk tea style but to my surprise,  they added the condensed milk in the tea so it is sweet and quite smooth at the same time.



Penang Chiak @ Beach Road

Walk in to this crowded restaurant during lunch.

I order the Dry Curry Chicken Drumstick with rice set meal that come with a barley drink ($7.50)

However i find the barley drink a bit too sweet. The chicken meat is a bit “old”. Rice is however good.


Location :

Kanshoku @ Orchard Gateway

I ordered the black garlic ramen since it is recommended by the staff.

The first thing that hit me when i taste the soup is that it is kind of adjust to local taste. The soup is not very thick and is also slightly saltier (possible for this black garlic ramen).

The pork is marinate in the local style and is quite salty as well. I actually will prefer less salty ramen and also thicker soup. 😛

I am however disappointed about the Nitamago (ramen egg) i ordered. There is still about 20% of egg white that is not hardened which is not what i expected.

They also don’t seem to serve water by default which is kind of abnormal in a ramen restaurant.


Location :


Natsuttei @ Orchard Central

Located at 7th floor of Orchard Central, this restaurant serve pork-boned soup with garlic oil.

I ordered the Maru-toku NEgi Chashu-men (~$17++) which include all toppings like shiraga negi (Japanese long green onion), bannou negi (Japanese leek), 4 piece of chashu (pork). I also added an Ajitsuke tamago (egg) since i always like my ramen to have an egg on it 😀

The soup is creamy and not very salty. The ‘chashu’ is also tender and soft. The toppings are too generous actually so in the end i left very little soup to slurp. 😛


As for their ‘Karaage’ (Fried chicken). The chicken come with lightly sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo tartar sauce. To my surprise, the sauces are not strong and they go very well with the chicken. I love it!


Location :

Honeymoon Dessert (满记甜品)

After i placed my order, i was immediately “order” to move to another table as they want to combine my table with the other one to cater for another group of customers.

I am fine if they ask first politely but sadly, it is not the case.

Anyway, i ordered the Double boiled Milk with Baked Walnut & Almond (~$6)

The combination of the hard nuts and the soft boiled milk is kind of interesting. The nuts are good and the double boiled milk is soft though it is not that smooth. They are served cold as well though i wish they have the hot boiled milk. 😀

This particular dessert is also serve in a plastic container. It will be better if it is serve in a bowl.


Location :


Menya Musashi at VivoCity

Attracted by a poster from Menya Musashi in VivoCity saying it is voted #1 in Ramen Revolution 2015 so i decided to give it a shot.

My first impression after i get into the restaurant, the table is very oily.

Since this is my first visit, I will just order their popular White Yakibuta Ramen ($21++) as the roast pork on the menu look very tasty as well.

A bit disappointed when the ramen is served. The presentation is quite bad. (Don’t blame my photo shot :P) . Second, the size of the roast pork was really small as compare to what is shown in the menu, i feel cheated :P.

However, the roast pork is not bad and is quite tender. The soup, on the other hand, is a bit too salty for me.


As for the Bokuto Gyoza ($6+), it was just ok, nothing special.


Personally i will feel the restaurant is a bit over-rated since it is voted #1 in term of the service, presentation and food.

Location :


Blanco Court Fried Fish Soup

Located at a run-down coffee shop  along beach road. This small stall is always crowded daily from 12pm to 130pm during lunch hour.

The uniqueness of their fish soup ($4.50-$5.50) is that the soup is milk-based and the fried egg ($1) further add favor to the overall dish.

The only thing that i dislike is coffee shop. It is very hot and stuffy thus be prepared to sweat.

Location :

My First Oil Painting

This is my 1st Black & White Oil Painting. :D. Still long way to go though…


Spanish Cuisine : Catalunya

We order two tapas at start since we had pre-order the FIDEUÀ (A Catalan classic paella, when thin noodles are used instead of rice ) 2 days before and the food are amazing.

The Avocado Roll (filled with shredded lobster)  is beautiful and tasty (A lot more pretty that the photo i post :P).


The other tapas ‘Piquillos with Cod Brandada’ is another must-try dish. It is oven-roasted Spanish red pepper stuffed with salted cod, olive oil and potato.


The FIDEUÀ is also a dish worth trying if you had never eat Paella in the noodle form before.

As for dessert, we ordered the Apple, Lemon, Chamomile


and the Torrija (Soft, Sweet Warm Bread with smoked milk ice cream)


The Chamomile infused apple cubes are fantastic and as for the Torrija, the ice cream is really “SMOKED”!

There are a lot of other great food in this restaurant which i will need to go back to try again. 😀

Just one comment i had for this restaurant is the lighting, it is too dim and i got to use my phone’s flashlight in order to read the menu once night fall.

Location :

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