April 2016

How to upgrade firmware on Leica M

Important : Before you to do the upgrade, please export your profiles and settings as after the upgrade, your settings will all be reset to factory default.

1.Download the firmware and copy to your SD card

Note that the firmware shall be at the highest level instead of in any sub folder like below.


2. Press and hold the Info Button when you turn On the Camera.

3. You will notice the below screen. This is the step when the camera is checking on the firmware.


4. If there is no issues on your firmware, it will show the below Updating Firmware. It will take a few minutes to complete.


5. After the Firmware is updated, the screen will go blank. Off the camera and on again then check the firmware version again under MENU. You shall notice that the firmware is updated.


That’s it!



Brotzeit at Vivocity

It is a Saturday night and i wanted a beer so i decide to drop by Brotzeit (A German Bier Bar & Restaurant) since i am nearby.

What caught me as usual on the food menu is always the Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) and i decide to order it after the waitress mentioned that the dish can be for 1-2 person. (Though i got doubts on it :P)

Indeed, the pork knuckle comes out bigger than i expected. It can be shared not just by 2 but 3 person as well.

Anyway, the waitress later explains that if i cannot finish, i can “dabao” (take away) the rest. 😯


Anyway, the pork kunckle is crispy on the skin, tender on the inside and it pairs well with the sauerkraut. This is something worth trying. It costs only $38 excluding the taxes which is not expensive if share among 2-3 person.

I only manage to try their Pilsner and the Lagar since i am very full after the main course.

Personally i prefer the Pilsner more 😛


Location :

Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill

The only reasons i want to try is because there is a promotion 1 for 1 and there are some good review about this restaurant.


When we arrived, we are told to finish it within 90min. (We start at 630pm and we got to finish by 8pm).

The grill is small and group of 2/4/6 person also share a single grill.


The USDA Steak Sirloin doesn’t taste so good to us. We didn’t even want to order again.

The salmon & scallop are fine.


Their “A5” Miyazaki Shin – i don’t quite agree that this is really the A5 beef. The grade is so much lower than the real A5 i taste before.

The USDA Kenrubi and pork belly/shoulder turn out better than the A5.

Just to be fair, there are also other varieties like garlic chicken, leeks, onions. mushroom, corns etc.

The ice cream is fine as well. There are two flavors for you to choose, Matcha and Goma.

The drinks are not free. They only have 5 type of drinks which is Sapporo Beer, Ice/Hot Ocha/Coke and Sprite. However, other than the beer, the rest of the drinks are free flow.

Once time is up,  you will be asked to give up your seat to the next group who had reserved the table. I ordered the beer but i don’t even got time to finish my 2nd glass.

To be frank, i don’t really get to enjoy the food.

Since there is a 1 for 1 promotion, the average price is about $55 dollars per person (Offer end 30th April 2016). But if there is no promotion, the price will be $88++/$98++ (on the weekend) without taxes where one can definitely find better buffet with more varieties, better ambience and definitely can enjoy the food better with the same price.

Location :

Dining at LeVeL33

If you like to have fine beer and fine dining with a great view. LeVel33 is the place you shall consider. The decor of the restaurant is also a good place for chill out after long day at work.

For appetizer, try their signature Tartare (Hand cut Black Angus Beef). It is raw but it tastes really good.


The pumpkin is another surprise to us. It was soft and creamy and BIG. The octopus is also very impressive.

PS : We didn’t order any main course this round so we can try different kind of food.

Once you done at the dining table, ask to move to the table outside to enjoy the amazing night view. They also have a separate finger food menu outside the dining area and the food is extremely GOOOOOD as well.


The most sinful yet unforgettable finger food is the crunchy, soft but fattening pork belly.:D If you still have some space for food. Go for it!


Don’t forget to try their craft beer, you shall not leave LeVeL33 without trying their beer 😛


Only thing that i don’t quite like is the service. When we told the waitress we do not want to order any main course, she give us a kind of “unhappy” look.

Anyway, we are later served by another waitress who is nice and friendly.

Located :

HaHa Thai

A family own Thai eatery located at orchard. The food is good and not expensive consider the location.

However, the system/operation is a bit messy. We ordered the salted egg crab bee hoon and they served us the non-salted egg version.

We also ordered the dessert but after about 15min wait and check then we realized they didn’t even place the orders.

For the payment, it is also another mess which i will skip here as it wasn’t something pleasant to talk about.

Anyway, overall the food is not bad, the staffs are also very polite but the way they operate is not efficient which create unnecessary problems for their customers.


Fratini La Trattoria

In the heart of Bukit Timah, lies this Italian restaurant named “Fratini La Trattoria”.

The unique thing of this restaurant is that it is omakase-style, so you will never know what you going to eat till the dish is served . However, the chef will speak to you first to ensure that you are not allergy to any food or there is something you cannot eat for whatever reasons before they prepare the meal.

The whole set of meal cost about ~$80 per person but the food are well presented and tasty. Their service is good as well.

Below is only some of the dishes from the set they serve and i have also excluded the main course for you to go discover. 😛

One funny thing is that their wine menu is incomplete so do ask them for recommendation in order to choose from the huge selection of at the back of the restaurant. But prepare to pay for for something that is between > $150 to $300 per bottle if you want a good wine to go with your dinner which is worth it. 🙂

Location :

Fatty Gyutan at Datenari

Datenari, a restaurant in Sendai that serve both Gyutan (Beef Tongue) and high grade Beef.

Their famous Gyutan is  Sendai Hanasaki Fatty Gyutan. This dish have two different grade and the higher grade is 4800yen (below).


They also serve different cuts of the high grade beef .They provide you a picture where you can try to match the japanese character so you know where the cut come from.


And don’t forget to order your Japanese soju 🙂


Location :

Mouth Watering A5 Beef at Kotora

One of my plan in my Japan tour is to eat the A5 grade beef.

I tried Kobe beef in Kobe ( i will post later ), Waygu beef in Tokyo and but still they are not the highest grade i am looking for but finally in Sendai, i found it.

One of  restaurant is Kotora and it is the popular restaurant among the locals.

They have a few branch and the most convenient branch is at Sendai Train Station.

The sad part is that they don’t have English menu and none of the waiter/waitress can speak english. But i am  lucky that one of the helper in the kitchen happen to come from Philippine and they find her to be my  interpreter. 🙂

The best part is that when i told them i am here to try different kind of beef including the A5 beef, they surprise me by customizing a set that is not on the menu.

The customized meal set include A5 Sendai beef, and another 4 set of high grade beef from different part of the cow and one the part is the cow butt :D.

They also provide instruction on how to grill it and the sauce to match.


The quality of the meat is just so fantastic that it melts in the mouth.

Even though it started with some language barrier, everything turn out so perfect in the end. This is one of the best experiences i had in Japan.

Location :

Juicy Gyutan at Rikyu

For whatever reasons, if you happen to be in Sendai, try the local dish Gyutan (Beef Tongue).

Sendai is the original creator of Gyutan and it is only about 1 1/2 hours via shinkansen from Tokyo.

One of the popular Gyutan restaurant is the Rikyu which is located directly at Sendai Train Station.

They have English menu with pictures so it really make it easy for you to order. They also have a lot of different varieties of beef tongue set, eg Premium Stewed Beef tongue set, Beef Tongue curry set, Stewed beef tongue with white creams set etc

I ordered the Super special (kiwami) dish of beef tongue set dinner. (the beef tongue is charcoal grilled). This is also the most expensive set as well but it cost only 2106 yen.

The set include a bowl of beef cubes as appetizer, a bowl of rice, a tasty soup, and a big plate of beef tongue as shown below.

To be honest, i am not a fan of beef tongue but i really love the beef tongue here a lot as it is so tender and tasty unlike those i ate in the past. Remember to pour the soy sauce over the beef tongue to add flavor to it. 🙂


Location :

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