How to upgrade firmware on Leica M

Important : Before you to do the upgrade, please export your profiles and settings as after the upgrade, your settings will all be reset to factory default.

1.Download the firmware and copy to your SD card

Note that the firmware shall be at the highest level instead of in any sub folder like below.


2. Press and hold the Info Button when you turn On the Camera.

3. You will notice the below screen. This is the step when the camera is checking on the firmware.


4. If there is no issues on your firmware, it will show the below Updating Firmware. It will take a few minutes to complete.


5. After the Firmware is updated, the screen will go blank. Off the camera and on again then check the firmware version again under MENU. You shall notice that the firmware is updated.


That’s it!



WhatsApp : How to restore from backup again

In the past, when you have a new phone and when you activate WhatsApp, you will be asked if you want to restore from the backup. When you choose not to restore and later you regret and want to restore it, you can simply just uninstall the WhatsApp and start all over again.

Some new phone now however has a slight different behavior.

  1. When you first launch WhatsApp, you will be prompt to login then it will then ask you if you allow permission for the app to access device’s photos, contacts etc. and if you happen to select “No”. It will not prompt you to restore from backup.
  2. WhatsApp comes with the phone as a default application, you will not be able to UNINSTALL it!

So in such situation, how shall you restore from a backup again?

  1. Go to Settings and select “Applications”Screenshot_20160319-232350
  2. Then select “Application Manager” Screenshot_20160319-232359
  3. Under Application Manager, Select “WhatsApp”。  Screenshot_20160319-232444
  4. Select “MORE” on the top right cornerScreenshot_20160319-232503
  5. You shall then see Selection for “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Click on both “Clear the Data/Cache” and it will put you back to the reset mode.  When you launch WhatsApp again, you will be prompt to login and set your permission again. Make sure this time you allow WhatsApp to access your device contacts, disk space etc.Screenshot_20160319-232509

The above method also works for old phone which mean you actually dont need to uninstall WhatsApp if you want to get it back to the original stage where it will prompt you to login and restore from backup again.




How to free up Unknown Internal Storage on Android (Samsung)

When you trying to update/install new apps, it start complaining

“Your device is running Low On Storage”, “Insufficient Storage Available”.

When you look at the storage option under settings and it is showing you the following


and you start to wonder what happen to the missing 3.5GB !

You start to google and start looking at forums etc and everyone normally will just tell you to uninstall some apps, do factory reset, buy a phone with bigger internal storage, paid for an app that give you root permission to start delete some stuffs which in end also required you to root your phone etc.

To be frank, i did many of what was mentioned above and yet the problem keep come back to me again! 😥

It was until recently that i realize that the simplest and safest step to resolve the above storage issues is basically just to delete dumpstate/logcat files.

Dumpstate, logcat files are stored on the /data/log partition that, unless you root the phone, you and none of the apps you install will have access to which is why most of the time you are always asked to get an app that had root access.

However, on samsung phone, there is another solution that does not require you to root your phone or even pay a single cent for any apps.

Just Dial *#9900# on your phone


and it will bring out  the following screen – SysDump


then hit on the button “Delete dumpstate/logcat” and after this you get back your 3.4G!


Thank You!! 🙂

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