Located at 7th floor of Orchard Central, this restaurant serve pork-boned soup with garlic oil.

I ordered the Maru-toku NEgi Chashu-men (~$17++) which include all toppings like shiraga negi (Japanese long green onion), bannou negi (Japanese leek), 4 piece of chashu (pork). I also added an Ajitsuke tamago (egg) since i always like my ramen to have an egg on it 😀

The soup is creamy and not very salty. The ‘chashu’ is also tender and soft. The toppings are too generous actually so in the end i left very little soup to slurp. 😛


As for their ‘Karaage’ (Fried chicken). The chicken come with lightly sweet soy sauce and wasabi mayo tartar sauce. To my surprise, the sauces are not strong and they go very well with the chicken. I love it!


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