We order two tapas at start since we had pre-order the FIDEUÀ (A Catalan classic paella, when thin noodles are used instead of rice ) 2 days before and the food are amazing.

The Avocado Roll (filled with shredded lobster)  is beautiful and tasty (A lot more pretty that the photo i post :P).


The other tapas ‘Piquillos with Cod Brandada’ is another must-try dish. It is oven-roasted Spanish red pepper stuffed with salted cod, olive oil and potato.


The FIDEUÀ is also a dish worth trying if you had never eat Paella in the noodle form before.

As for dessert, we ordered the Apple, Lemon, Chamomile


and the Torrija (Soft, Sweet Warm Bread with smoked milk ice cream)


The Chamomile infused apple cubes are fantastic and as for the Torrija, the ice cream is really “SMOKED”!

There are a lot of other great food in this restaurant which i will need to go back to try again. 😀

Just one comment i had for this restaurant is the lighting, it is too dim and i got to use my phone’s flashlight in order to read the menu once night fall.

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