It is a Saturday night and i wanted a beer so i decide to drop by Brotzeit (A German Bier Bar & Restaurant) since i am nearby.

What caught me as usual on the food menu is always the Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) and i decide to order it after the waitress mentioned that the dish can be for 1-2 person. (Though i got doubts on it :P)

Indeed, the pork knuckle comes out bigger than i expected. It can be shared not just by 2 but 3 person as well.

Anyway, the waitress later explains that if i cannot finish, i can “dabao” (take away) the rest. 😯


Anyway, the pork kunckle is crispy on the skin, tender on the inside and it pairs well with the sauerkraut. This is something worth trying. It costs only $38 excluding the taxes which is not expensive if share among 2-3 person.

I only manage to try their Pilsner and the Lagar since i am very full after the main course.

Personally i prefer the Pilsner more 😛


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