The only reasons i want to try is because there is a promotion 1 for 1 and there are some good review about this restaurant.


When we arrived, we are told to finish it within 90min. (We start at 630pm and we got to finish by 8pm).

The grill is small and group of 2/4/6 person also share a single grill.


The USDA Steak Sirloin doesn’t taste so good to us. We didn’t even want to order again.

The salmon & scallop are fine.


Their “A5” Miyazaki Shin – i don’t quite agree that this is really the A5 beef. The grade is so much lower than the real A5 i taste before.

The USDA Kenrubi and pork belly/shoulder turn out better than the A5.

Just to be fair, there are also other varieties like garlic chicken, leeks, onions. mushroom, corns etc.

The ice cream is fine as well. There are two flavors for you to choose, Matcha and Goma.

The drinks are not free. They only have 5 type of drinks which is Sapporo Beer, Ice/Hot Ocha/Coke and Sprite. However, other than the beer, the rest of the drinks are free flow.

Once time is up,  you will be asked to give up your seat to the next group who had reserved the table. I ordered the beer but i don’t even got time to finish my 2nd glass.

To be frank, i don’t really get to enjoy the food.

Since there is a 1 for 1 promotion, the average price is about $55 dollars per person (Offer end 30th April 2016). But if there is no promotion, the price will be $88++/$98++ (on the weekend) without taxes where one can definitely find better buffet with more varieties, better ambience and definitely can enjoy the food better with the same price.

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