In the heart of Bukit Timah, lies this Italian restaurant named “Fratini La Trattoria”.

The unique thing of this restaurant is that it is omakase-style, so you will never know what you going to eat till the dish is served . However, the chef will speak to you first to ensure that you are not allergy to any food or there is something you cannot eat for whatever reasons before they prepare the meal.

The whole set of meal cost about ~$80 per person but the food are well presented and tasty. Their service is good as well.

Below is only some of the dishes from the set they serve and i have also excluded the main course for you to go discover. 😛

One funny thing is that their wine menu is incomplete so do ask them for recommendation in order to choose from the huge selection of at the back of the restaurant. But prepare to pay for for something that is between > $150 to $300 per bottle if you want a good wine to go with your dinner which is worth it. 🙂

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