One of my plan in my Japan tour is to eat the A5 grade beef.

I tried Kobe beef in Kobe ( i will post later ), Waygu beef in Tokyo and but still they are not the highest grade i am looking for but finally in Sendai, i found it.

One of  restaurant is Kotora and it is the popular restaurant among the locals.

They have a few branch and the most convenient branch is at Sendai Train Station.

The sad part is that they don’t have English menu and none of the waiter/waitress can speak english. But i am  lucky that one of the helper in the kitchen happen to come from Philippine and they find her to be my  interpreter. 🙂

The best part is that when i told them i am here to try different kind of beef including the A5 beef, they surprise me by customizing a set that is not on the menu.

The customized meal set include A5 Sendai beef, and another 4 set of high grade beef from different part of the cow and one the part is the cow butt :D.

They also provide instruction on how to grill it and the sauce to match.


The quality of the meat is just so fantastic that it melts in the mouth.

Even though it started with some language barrier, everything turn out so perfect in the end. This is one of the best experiences i had in Japan.

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