For whatever reasons, if you happen to be in Sendai, try the local dish Gyutan (Beef Tongue).

Sendai is the original creator of Gyutan and it is only about 1 1/2 hours via shinkansen from Tokyo.

One of the popular Gyutan restaurant is the Rikyu which is located directly at Sendai Train Station.

They have English menu with pictures so it really make it easy for you to order. They also have a lot of different varieties of beef tongue set, eg Premium Stewed Beef tongue set, Beef Tongue curry set, Stewed beef tongue with white creams set etc

I ordered the Super special (kiwami) dish of beef tongue set dinner. (the beef tongue is charcoal grilled). This is also the most expensive set as well but it cost only 2106 yen.

The set include a bowl of beef cubes as appetizer, a bowl of rice, a tasty soup, and a big plate of beef tongue as shown below.

To be honest, i am not a fan of beef tongue but i really love the beef tongue here a lot as it is so tender and tasty unlike those i ate in the past. Remember to pour the soy sauce over the beef tongue to add flavor to it. 🙂


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