In the past, when you have a new phone and when you activate WhatsApp, you will be asked if you want to restore from the backup. When you choose not to restore and later you regret and want to restore it, you can simply just uninstall the WhatsApp and start all over again.

Some new phone now however has a slight different behavior.

  1. When you first launch WhatsApp, you will be prompt to login then it will then ask you if you allow permission for the app to access device’s photos, contacts etc. and if you happen to select “No”. It will not prompt you to restore from backup.
  2. WhatsApp comes with the phone as a default application, you will not be able to UNINSTALL it!

So in such situation, how shall you restore from a backup again?

  1. Go to Settings and select “Applications”Screenshot_20160319-232350
  2. Then select “Application Manager” Screenshot_20160319-232359
  3. Under Application Manager, Select “WhatsApp”。  Screenshot_20160319-232444
  4. Select “MORE” on the top right cornerScreenshot_20160319-232503
  5. You shall then see Selection for “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”. Click on both “Clear the Data/Cache” and it will put you back to the reset mode.  When you launch WhatsApp again, you will be prompt to login and set your permission again. Make sure this time you allow WhatsApp to access your device contacts, disk space etc.Screenshot_20160319-232509

The above method also works for old phone which mean you actually dont need to uninstall WhatsApp if you want to get it back to the original stage where it will prompt you to login and restore from backup again.