Bibimbap is a signature korea dish. The word literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with sauteed and seasoned vegetables and chili pepper paste, soy sauce or fermented soybean paste. A raw or fried egg or meat are also common additions. The hot dish is then stirred together thoroughly just before eating.

Every time, when i watch actor/actress eating bibimbap in korea’s show , they always give me that feeling that it is delicious. PS : Their acting is GOOD!

Finally today, i get to eat one although i am not sure how different it is from the original korea’s version.


Anyway, I ordered the Woosamgyup bibimbap ($8.90). Recommended by the waitress as she say this is their recommendation for those who can eat spicy food.They also have a sweet version (Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap) and you just add the chilies as you wish during mixing.

Their service is also fast. The moment i paid my bibimbap, the food is ready to be served…

The food also look very interesting to me …(Time to have fun mixing :D)


The end product however it is not as red as i thought and I dare not add hot chilies paste as i worried it can become too spicy for me šŸ˜›


To my surprise, the food taste good and is filling as well.

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