Pork Noodles aka Minced Pork Noodles is one of the common all time favorite local dish noodles in Singapore, but so far i yet taste one that is as good as Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles.


However, to eat their noodles, first of all, you got to be willing to wait. I waited 1hour 15min for my bowl of noodle today 😥

For such a long wait, obviously i will want to find out how long they take to prepare a bowl. So this is it. From the moment he start to cook my noodles and till bowl put on my tray is 2min!!!


During the wait, i was also observing how they assign task.

1 old man is inside the stall preparing all the food. The youngest guy is in charge of taking order but same time back in kitchen helping to add ingredients to the bowl and put on your tray?? The cook is in charge of cooking noodles only and collecting money only. Inefficient?!


The price is also not cheap. Their cheapest is $5 per bowl and you can even order a $10 per bowl version. But if you want to add more ingredients, it will be another extra cost.

After waiting for an hour++, I order the $8 version and finish it within 10min. :/


Stall location :