This is the 10th restaurant opened by Chef Keisuke Takeda in Singapore. People are queuing even at 9+pm.


As it was crowded, they put me at the sushi counter and one thing that impress me is that they have a container for you to put your bags. Maybe other branches also like that but i find that this is a very thoughtful thing since i can now eat nicely without bags on me.



The specialty ramen in this branch is the Lobster Broth Ramen which you will need to customize as well.

They have 4 lobster broth to choose from.

  • Clear
  • Rich
  • Miso
  • Spicy Miso

You can add on toppings as you like or you can just order the specialty that come with all toppings.

Then there is a normal, light, strong flavor etc options which i got no idea what are they. But there is a small wordings that describe normal as Authentic Japanese taste.

To make my life easy, I just tick all normal and choose the Rich Lobster Ramen Specialty that include all toppings.

I also order Chicken Nanban (deep fried chicken) as i come across review that say it is nice.

For drink i order the Green Tea Cola since this is their unique drink. (although review wasn’t so good.)

On the table, they provide free hard-boiled eggs and bean sprouts as appetizer. +point?


Green Tea Cola. ($4)


Nice packaging, look nice, but i will call it soda. The green tea taste is so mild that basically you taste only soda. $4 for a soda like drink is a bit overpriced.

Chicken Nanban ($9.80)

They make the sauce in front of you. Smashed the hard-boiled egg then add mayonnaise and other ingredients and mixed it. Then a while later they serve the chicken.

The chicken skin is crispy but the Japanese (teriyaki or what) sauce they put underneath was overly too much. I had to add the special made sauce to fix it. Maybe that is the way to eat it!? i got no idea but end day the sauces had overpowered the chicken which is something i don’t appreciate.

Lobster Broth Ramen ($20.90)


Look nice. But the broth was far too rich for me.

The toppings, the pork slices, wantons etc . To be frank, although they are in the same bowl, they just don’t blend well.

Overall, the service are better than expected but my impression for the food are just  overpowered sauces and overly rich broth.

Maybe the clear soup will be better choice. However, i don’t feel like trying it again…