Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Restaurant is one of the ramen that had good reviews in singapore.

They have 4 ramen broths to choose from

  • Shio
    • Mild salt flavor  (their famous white tonkotsu soup)
  • Shoyu
    • Soy sauce flavor
  • Miso
    • soybean paste flavor
  • Spicy Miso
    • Spicy soybean paste flavor

Their ramen also come in 2 size, Small or Medium.

I ordered their signature Tokusen Toroniku Ramen with Shio as soup base (Medium $22) and added a Komi Tamago, Japanese Soft York Hard Boiled Egg ($1.50).

Tokusen Toroniku ramen is the only ramen that served their toppings separately. You will need mixed with the ramen to eat.



The cha-shu (pork cheek) are so tender that you can just bite and tear it apart without any effort. The cheek is a bit salty to me by itself but taste perfect if eat with the soup/ramen.

The Shio soup is thick and delicious. I ‘slurped’ until the last drop. 😀

The Komi Tamago is soft and yummy and it pairs well with the ramen.

There are other ramen and side dishes worth trying as well and i will definitely visit again to try other dishes.

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