Once upon a time, at the basement of Golden Mile Tower, there is a stall called ‘Dessert House’.

‘Dessert House’ does not sell dessert. Instead it sells “Nasi Lemak”. However, its’ “Nasi Lemak” does not  include the most important fragrant rice. Its “nasi leamk” is serve with white rice only.

‘Dessert House’ opens at about 1pm (normal lunch time hour is 12pm) but still many people are willing wait and queue.

Although it does not have the nasi lemak rice. It has another all time favorite dish that most people will order when eating nasi lemak-> fried chicken wing!.

‘Dessert House’ wings is crispy, tender and well marinated. The wings always sell out fast and if you are at the back of the queue, you might not get it.  Its curry chicken is also nice and is worth trying as well.

Note : Nasi Lemak is Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. But normally nasi lemak also refer to the fragrant rice with add on dishes like fried wings, fried egg, ikan bilis, o-tah etc.


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