Australia Diary Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

They are famous for their legendary scramble egg toast and puddings.

The scramble egg just ‘melt’ into your mouth and you can just finish it in no time and wanted more of it.

The steam egg white with milk pudding has very soft , smooth texture. Same for the steam almond with egg pudding. Each has it own unique taste but be careful, they are HOT!

One thing i dislike most is that ambiance. It was overcrowded and the pace is so fast that you don’t have the luxury to just relax and take your own sweet time to eat.

There is always a long queue outside this ‘company’ during the weekend. Although they try to clear the queue fast but still be prepare to wait for 20-40 min. You will also likely going to share table with strangers.  If you are alone, let them know, sometimes they will let you cut the queue and squeeze you into the empty seats.

How to get there.

  •  Take MTR to Jordan station
  • Take Exit C2 and Walk along Bowring Street.
  • You will notice a queue there and that is where you likely going to queue. 😀