Stanley is small town and tourist attraction at the southern district of Hong Kong Island.

Tourist Attractions in the district are Stanley Markey, Murray House and Tin Hua Temple.

How to get there.

  • Take Bus 6/6x from the Bus terminal (Exit D of Hong Kong MTR Station)
  • The journey is around 1hour or more depending on the traffic.
  • You can alight at either Stanley Plaza or Stanley Market.

Stanley Market

A small array of shops that sell almost everything. You can find things like sportswear, silk, jewellery, art, painting, toys, gadgets, souvenirs, bags, suitcases etc.


Tin Hua Temple (天后古廟) 

Tin Hau also known as Mazu is a chinese goddess who protect seafarers such as fishermen and merchants on the sea. The temple is built in 1767 and is very well preserved.

On one of the wall in the temple, there is a tiger skin. This is the skin of a tiger that appear in 1940 nearby the village. The skin is later preserve to ward off the evils spirits.

There are also many other god/goddess being worshiped in the temple.

Murray House

Murray House. Other than it is an old restored colonial building with shops/restaurants in it, personally I don’t find anything else interesting. 😛