Couple of people who bought Leica M ( Type 240/262 )  dislike the red Leica logo and I am also one of them. 😛


However, leica camera is so expensive that i don’t feel like messing with it. So i call leica’s customer service to see if they are able to replace the red logo or help me replace if i provide them a different logo. However i got rejected. (Expected hmm?)

So i am on my adventure to figure out the know-how.

Many people in fact had done it ( I believe! ) and share their experiences on how they take out the logo, for example, some recommended “applying some heat” on the logo to loosen it by using hair dryer (OMG), some said try to use some artist knife etc to take it out. To be frank, all those suggestion freak and confuse me….

So i decide to figure out myself after all it is just a logo isnt it ?

I start by “pushing” against the leica word of the logo using my index finger to check if it will move. Indeed, it does move though it “recover” back to original position as soon as i let go! So i start to push harder further into the clockwise direction as shown below.


I just keep trying and trying till i manage to make it do a full turn of 360 degree and walla, it just come out by itself!


Since it is out. It is time to explore what to do with the logo 😀

First thing i want to try is to change it to chrome silver and make it look like M-P. I know, i know! i shall have just bought the M-P instead M.

So I bought Tamiya Gloss Aluminum spray paint and spray the logo. It looks decent..right? 😎


Next, i decide to do something different. >:D . I am trying to be “unique” so i decide to I respray it to pastel blue which i don’t think anyone will choose such color (see below). The color look a bit weird on the silver chrome? Notice i scratch the leica wordings? I apply too much pressure on it when i trying to scrap off the paint on them.  :'(. BIG MISTAKE!


So in the end, i fall back to the easiest solution. Buy the black logo and put it on :/. There goes my money…


I had to agree that this is the “nicest” after all… since it cost me 50 bucks! XD

PS:  All photos in this post are taken by my 10 years old Canon EOS 350D. 😀